How To Overwatch


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A game just released and its called Overwatch. Many people may or may not know what  this game is so I’m going to talk about what it’s about, how to play it, and every character in the game. Continue reading

How to Procrastinate, Efficently — thetiredblog

Now I haven’t really posted anything so Im going to start to post stuff again. One Thing I saw from another classmate was how to procrastinate. Now this step by step guide is very detailed  and shows how to procrastinate. Now what I like to do is to fall asleep or play video games, while other people have different preferences.All in all this will let you procrastinate, but I advise not to procrastinate during finals.

So for this post, I’m going to go on a less serious note and actually teach you all something that may be very applicable in this modern day. Recently, I did a presentation in class as a demonstration and I used my knowledge of procrastinating and watching Netflix to create the ultimate guide to binge […]

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why do kids enjoy everyday while adults mourn everyday

Now this blog post is going to be similar to the one I first posted. Towards the end of my first blog post I talked about how “us as humans always experience bad things and most of the time we brush it off but once we experience something that makes us very happy we want to stay there or do that because we don’t want to go back to experiencing the same bad things and stay in that happy place forever.” Also I explained how kids when they are younger than ten always live happy but once after around 10 they are like almost every adult, mourning everyday and not being happy again. Now this blog post is going to talk all about why kids do this and adults do this. Before we start here’s the blog post talking about if kid shows/cartoons are sins for adults.

Now many people may not notice that kids always live a playful life while adults almost do not live a playful live. Kids have something special that teenagers/adults most of the time, do not have. What they don’t have is imagination. Once you start to get older you start losing your imagination.  Another thing you lose is child’s play. One example is my dad opened the car door and dropped his phone down the gutter. He was pissed and thought oh well time to get a new phone. I was around 10 years old when it happened and i thought of a way to get it out. I went to the garage and grabbed the vacuum and decided to suck it up out of there. My dad thought it wasn’t going to work then around 7 minutes later I got the phone out. My dad was surprised and didn’t think it was going to work. Now when I think about it I had my imagination to help me. Now whenever my dad needs help with anything I always think of another way to do it and it works while my dad thinks it doesn’t work. Ever Since I noticed this I always try to live like a child. Now whenever I go out I sometimes act like a 7 or 9 year old and not care what people do. It’s like the story of peter pan and how we should be kids, if we don’t we lose it and possibly never get it back. So I say start imaging and start acting like a kid again. People will look at you weird because they can’t or don’t want to show the kid side in them.

Noticing What’s Around You


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This week i’m going to talk about noticing. Not many people may notice but us as humans notice lots of things everyday. We can notice things that are funny,weird,ironic,etc. Now when we notice them we are curious and find it interesting  so we notice it. Now once we notice this object we either decide to keep it to ourselves or we share what we noticed.( most of the time we do this) Now many people may notice things that people have already seen or they have not. Now I will show you guys a couple of videos and I will tell you what the video is about. Note that what I say about the video could be wrong and there could be many different answers. Lastly at the end I will say things I noticed in the videos and see if you noticed them too.
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Paid Channels Or Online Streaming

Here is to all the people who watch television and netflix,crunchyroll or any online streaming service. This blog post Is to the people who can’t decide between online streaming or paid channels. Now this topic is controversial because many people say that online is better or that television is better. I will talk about the good and bad about both of them, then I will give my honest opinion about it. Continue reading